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Parkrand Tennis Complex is again in the forefront of developing tennis on the East Rand with two resident coaches.


Coaching sessions range from developing a sound technical base covering the mental, physical and tactical side of the game for all age groups targeted at their ability level and overall goals including social and club level, provincial squad to local and international play.


To this end Parkrand Tennis Complex formed ‘Aces of Tomorrow’ in order to promote sport, respect for others, fair play and tolerance, amongst children and aim to find the tennis champions of tomorrow.




Complex membership as per Membership

Rate Sheet


Private: (Per Lesson) Mon - Sat


½ hr private R150 per week -  R600 per month

1 hr private R300 per week - R1200 per month




Saturdays 09h00 until 11h00

(excluding school holidays)

R300.00 per month 


Private Lesson & Saturday Group 09h00 until

11h00 (excluding school holidays)

Add R50 to private lesson 




In addition players can enter junior tournaments and the Winter league in May, and the Summer

league in October. Parkrand Tennis Complex also hosts annual Junior Club Championships and

a Year End Round Robin Tournament.


Contact our resident coach by clicking here....

Click Thumbnail above to download TSA Coaching Cide of Ethics

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