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Fees are strictly payable to the treasurer annually in advance.

Only fully paid members will be given access to gate security code. Only committee members will be issued vehicle gate remote controls and all keys.

The correct tennis attire and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on court at all times.

The only activity allowed on the courts is tennis.  No bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, baseball, softball, Frisbee, hockey, soccer, or other activities are allowed. 

You may use only tennis balls and approved tennis instructional materials on the courts.  If you are unsure what is approved, ask a committee member.

Social tennis is played on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. No singles may be played if there are people waiting to play.

Players play in any sections. If there are not enough players in a section, they may invite a player from another section to play with them.

Doubles play has preference over singles play on a social day. If courts are open players may play one set of singles or practice for half an hour.

Two new balls will be made available for each court on social days if there are a minimum of four players for the court.

Balls must be placed in the containers at the gate after completion of the match. Any ball that is hit outside the court must be collected and returned to the court.

No swinging or jumping on the nets or the fences.

Empty plastic bottles and tins must be removed from the court.

NO glasses or glass bottles allowed on courts. Chairs and water bottles must be returned to the club house after completion of the match. Place trash in the designated trash receptacles located outside the court areas. Alcohol may not be brought onto the premises by any member.

If you damage the tennis center, you will be held financially responsible for the damage and repair.  You may also be prohibited from further use of the tennis complex.  Do not attempt to repair damage to the tennis center; instead, report it immediately to a committee member..

Lights and courts must be booked and paid for through a committee member.

The following are reasons for dismissal from the courts:

Disregard for Court Rules

Cell phone usage

Smoking in undesignated areas

No glass drinks of any kind allowed on court

Unsportsmanlike conduct, including profanity or racket throwing

Improper attire or improperly soled shoes

Abusive behaviour towards Club staff or other members and guests

Players assume all risks associated with play.

Parkrand Tennis Complex shall have No liability whatsoever for any injury to or death of any person, or loss of or damage to any property, howsoever caused even arising from negligence of any degree.

The Complex Vehicle Access gate will be closed at 7pm unless arranged by a committee member. Members have 24 hour access via the pedestrian gate. Access to clubhouse is restricted and only committee members hold keys.

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